Image use policies

This campaign is issued under a Creative Commons Non-commercial, No Derivatives, Attribution Required license.

Please read the following instructions carefully:

NO DERIVATIVES. The image cannot be cropped, altered, photoshopped, added to or translated in any way. It must be used as-is. Do not separate the elements of the image and use it with your own work. This is to keep the integrity of the campaign intact. Changing an image or work in any way doesn't give you ownership of the work. No text can be changed or removed or replaced. If you want to volunteer as a translator, we'd be happy to work with you. Please contact us if you have any questions.

ALWAYS ATTRIBUTE. This means the image must always contain attribution *on the image*. The image comes to you with attribution already intact, so this is taken care of for you. While you may attribute the image in the story, the image is often shared without the story. This is why attribution on the image is so important.

NON-COMMERCIAL USE. This means that you cannot repurpose the image in connection with your own brand, organization or company. For example, you cannot add your logo to the image. You cannot use any of the images for advertising a product, fundraiser or promotion of another organization besides Worldwide Breast Cancer without written permission. If you would like to offer proceeds from sales to our charity, please contact us.

SOCIAL MEDIA: We recommend sharing this post, as it contains the full campaign set:

If you want to post images on social media, we ask you share a post from the Know Your Lemons facebook page. When you share the image on Facebook from our webpage directly, you do not need permission to post it. If you're looking for our other languages, there is an album for each language under the Photos tab on Facebook. There are also several square images on Instagram.

Images in other languages can be found under the *LANGUAGES* menu item at the top of this website.

More languages are being added to the website as they become available. Please contact us for languages you need but do not see listed as we are still working to put them on the website.

Need high resolution images available for print with editorial or technical books? We may charge a fee to use the images based on use. Please contact us.