• Know Your Lemons Education Kit
    (Digital version of the Know Your Lemons Education Kit is included in the membership. The physical kit is available at an additional cost plus shipping)*

  • Year-long shop discounts on the purchase of the Know Your Lemons campaign materials

  • Online training for using the Know Your Lemons Education Kit and Campaign

  • Worldwide Breast Cancer Global Partner Logo for your website

  • Listing on our website as a Global Education Partner

  • "Know Your Lemons" lapel pin and Educator Certificate (when training is completed)

  • Opportunity to be featured in our monthly e-newsletter

  • Monthly E-Newsletter

*Shipping the "Know Your Lemons" Education Kit is $20 within the US. $70 for outside the US.

Criteria for Membership:

To be eligible to apply for an organization membership you must be:

  1. Not-for-profit or NGO in health, health education or patient advocacy arena

  2. Educating in a part of the world where women have access to diagnosis and treatment

  3. Willing to educate a minimum of 100 people per year about breast cancer with in-person sessions. If you educate on a national level, contact us about being a National Education Partner.

  4. Employing at least one professional trained in breast cancer education (can be a volunteer)

  5. Able to evaluate the effectiveness of the Know Your Lemons materials with the use of simple surveys and provide results to Worldwide Breast Cancer

If you are a corporation, please contact our CEO to talk about sponsorship opportunities -

How to become a Global Education Partner:

  1. Agree to the conditions below.

  2. Pay your membership fee. (After you SUBMIT this form, you will get an email (make sure you check your spam ;-)

  3. Get certified to get the Know Your Lemons Toolkit. An email is sent to you with a link to download the Certification Training materials. Study them and take the short test to be a certified educator and learn how to use the Know Your Lemons education kit to the fullest. (Estimated time, 1 hour)

  4. Once you have passed the Certification test, we will ship the Know Your Lemons education kit to you, along with a Lemon Sofa Pin and Global Education Partner Certificate.

  5. Then you can help us educate the world!

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Name of Contact Person
Name of Contact Person
1. I confirm our organization is a nonprofit or NGO *
3. Access to treatment and diagnosis *
In the part of the world that you will be educating women about the signs of breast cancer, do those patients have access to treatment or diagnosis if they find a symptom of breast cancer?
5. I confirm we will collect basic data about our education efforts and report it (such as number of people educated, etc.) *
8. Organization Size *
What is the annual budget of your organization?
Hold Harmless Agreement *
By submitting this application, the applicant agrees not to bring any action, suit, or proceeding or to assert any claim against Worldwide Breast Cancer relating to any decisions made in connection with this application or any action taken (or not taken) or any statement made in the course of their consideration of this application, and applicant expressly waives any rights it might otherwise have had to bring any such action, suit, processing, or to make any such claim.”